Our company EM-KA Ltd. STI was established in 1994 with the participation of Yusuf Övüç and Hacı Osman Övüç as a continuation of Emek Demir joinery workshop founded by Ahmet Övüç in 1972. Our company, which was established to produce for steel construction and reinforced concrete structures with an innovative and modern understanding, was established on 8000 m2 closed area and 12,000 m2 open area in Kayseri Organized Industrial Zone and has a production facility area where high-tech machines .


3 technicians who are experts and experienced in the field in our working staff : machinery, construction and electrical technician  and  we have 30 personnel with 1 welding engineer and professional qualification certificate.  With in our company has ISO 9001:2015  Quality Management Certificate and En 3834-2, en 1090-2, certificates.All of our welders are certified to en 287-1 welder certificates from international accredited organizations and our chef of welders are certified to 14731 welding coordination.

We have signed many projects in the field of iron joinery and steel construction until 2001 then by expanding our field of activity, we deliver the keys to our customers in many buildings such as industrial buildings, social and cultural buildings, management buildings, trade and shopping centers, educational facilities, R&D and laboratory buildings, terminal buildings, steel bridges, logistics facilities, We offer functional solutions. We serve in 3 continents and 6 countries, taking part in all stages of the project, from design, design, manufacturing and on-site assembly.


Our company, which is a recognized and preferred brand in its sector, always offers its services based on the principles of customer satisfaction and trust. In order to provide the best service and provide maximum satisfaction, we take care to provide the most benefit with the minimum material consumption in the projects we implement, taking into account the needs and opportunities. All of the materials we use are European produced St 44 and st 52 hardness Jr 275 quality sheets are of Eregli A1 quality. All of the steel construction materials we use are certified and in European norms. We want our business to be remembered with quality, taking care that all the consumables we use are quality and certified.


 Our company, which has adopted the principle of leading innovations in its sector by aiming to keep the product and service quality at the maximum level by following the technology closely from the day we exist to the present and in the future, works to provide the highest quality and Economic Service to its customers.


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